Ref. 0806 / 1  ER 398  Size .Baotou, circa 1930.      
Ref. 0748 / 9 ER 797. Size           Baotou, circa1900. 
Ref. 0806 / 30 ER 398 Size              Baotou, circa 1900.   
Ref. 9856 / 7 CE 1098  Size cm. 190 x 120     Baotou, circa 1900. 
Carpets from Baotou. The city of Baotou, the  capital of Suiyuan ( today Inner Mongolia ) was the place where the carpets from all the region were traded. With high, thick and velvety pile, these carpets and particularly the " Pictorial " ones were well  known and sought after. Lattice, rice-grain, rosettes, chessboard and brocades patterns were also very popular.
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Ref.0004/24/1094   Carpet c.1930  cm162x86
Ref.0865/22/1094     Carpet c.1930   cm167x65
Ref.4100/13a/195   Carpet c.1920   cm 130x70 
Ref.4100/6a/195   Baotou carpet c.1900   cm280x180

Ref.7398/24/696  Baotou carpet   c.1920  cm200x130
Ref.5816/19/597  Baotou c.1920
Ref0806/27/398  Baotou c.1920 
Ref. 3273/17/698   Baotou c.1900     cm
Ref.7395/8/699  Baotou c 1900  
Ref.7396/2/699    Baotou c.1930   cm