Tibetan Rugs
Few  examples of the Dragons group...
For centuries, in the folk mythology of Central Asia, dragons have been symbols of power and strength.
In Tibet  the word "druk" means dragon and thunder as well. Dragons in rug weaving are  shown chasing or holding the "flaming pearl",symbol of happiness, amidst swirling clouds. In rugs, when paired with phoenixes, symbol of earth,  they bring blessing  and domestic harmony.

Ref.628/11/894   Sleeping-rug, c1930   cm162x82

Ref.0655/28/794   Sleeping-rug, c1920   cm160x80
Ref.0004/29/1094   A pair of  sitting-mats, 19th c    cm70x57
Ref.626/35/894   Sitting-mat, c1930
Ref.0906/12/195   Sleeping-rug, c1900  cm162x82
Ref.4100/20a/195   Horse-saddle-rug, c1900
Ref.9230/25/997   Sleepin-rug, c.1900   cm162x80
Ref 4674/17/1096   Sleeping-rug, c.1900  cm160x80
                      "Dragon scales"
Ref.9230/11/997   Rug for hanging, c.1940  cm167x82