Few examples of the   the Medallions Group...
7752/29 ER 399  Size cm. 200X85 Circa 1930. 
7752/30   Size cm 170X 90  Circa 1920 
7395/ 6 ER 699    Size cm140x75                 19th. century  
7396/15  ER 699   Size            Circa 1920.  
7396/13 ER 699           Size cm.175X85              Circa 1910  
7396/23 ER 699    Size  275x60               19th. century  
7396/36 ER 699        Size 170X80    Circa 1930    
7396/33 ER 699    Size 170x 80      Circa 1930.   
....  will be followed by the Geometrics, the Florals, the Dragons & Mythological animals as well as The Tigers, Saddles and Door  groups of rugs.
Three of the earliest ( 1897-1905 ) datable Tibetan rugs are in the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and one ( 1885 ) in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.  These four rugs and others that can be dated from the 19th. century , show simple medallion designs. Like the one here in ref.7395/6 ER 699, they have a low count of knots, few colours, are all wool and of smaller sizes. The medallion pattern derive both from Central Asia, particularly from East Turkestan, and from silk brocades and porcelain from China.