Chinese Carpets
In the West  part of China, The Xinjiang, formerly East Turkestan, sorrounds the Tarim basin and the Takla Makan desert. Here the oasis of Khotan, Yarkand and Kashgar, part of the Silk road, originally populated by Turkic tribes, were active trade centers and famous for rugs weaving. In the West, these carpets were sold  in the bazaar of Samarknd and in the East in the one of Gansu. For this reason they were often called  Samarkand and Gansu carpets ( Gansu was a weaving center as well )  In my humble opinion it is very difficult to clearly differenciate the three groups of carpets and to attribure specific structural  carachteristics and designs.
Ref.4718/6/395   c.1900                    97 cm 130x 
Ref.7396/9/699    Runner c.1900   cm.260x73
Ref.3862/2/1297   Carpet c.1930  cm.260x132
Ref.5816/21/597   Runner  end 19th. c.  cm.270x73
Ref.4101/19/395  Carpet  c.1900  cm.200x140
Ref.0046/8a/977    Carpet  c.1930    cm.250x133
Ref. 3794/14a/1297    Carpet c.1920   cm.275x143
Ref.4902/2/698    Carpet c.1900...cm200x140
Ref.7396/6/699   Carpet end 19th.c    cm260x130