1970-1980. Based in Geneva. During this time I was working for some famous European Brands in the field of watches and jewellery,as a free lance creative designer -

1980-89 Working in Geneva  for the Italian jeweller Bulgari . In1989 I was promoted  Bulgari Asia Pacific Representative and based in Singapore-

1997-2001  Singapore.  I entered the Asian arts market , collecting and dealing in Antiques and Old Tibetan and Chinese Carpets as well as other various object of arts-

 2001-2009  Singapore-   Nominated CEO of Rolex Singapore for South East Asia-

From 2009 onwards, Singapore.  Reconnecting with the world of Arts and Antiques-

Aesthetic, Arts and Antiques, have always been a natural source of interest and inspiration throughout my  career as a designer,as well as for my own personal aspirations. As far  as I can remember, I've always being searching and collecting something.

Past & Present
.                                         Collections
During my over 22 years of permanence in South East Asia, I have assembled an extensive collection of more than 300 antique and old Tibetan carpets (see main page for  the article in Arts of Asia), a smaller one of around 50 antique and old Chinese carpets, an interesting number of 18th and 19th c Tibetan furnitures and an important collection of Buddha Figures from Thailand, Burma,Laos Cambodia and Vietnam. I also collected a small selection of Chinese furniture and  objects from the scholar table in precious woods -